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Electrical Installation

Based in Anjou, Les Entreprises Lebire specializes residential and commercial electrical installation.

Standard and safe electrical installation

We install and repair electrical devices such as electrical enclosures and circuit breakers. We also connect cables and install various electrical appliances, respecting safety rules and standards.

We work with homeowners and businesses and offer our services in Montreal, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Longueuil and all neighbouring cities.

We work in strict compliance with safety standards

Electrical Installation Montréal

We repair various types of electrical appliances

Whatever the issue, we perform a full inspection of your electrical installations to find the source of the problem. Then, we plan the necessary repair and run tests to check that all installations are properly working. Trust us for your re-wiring needs!

In addition to general electrical work, we can also repair or replace your doors and windows.

We run a full inspection to determine the cause of the problem

Electrical Installation Montréal

Our Mission:


Safety compliance with electrical installation codes


Identify damaged electrical installations and components


Electrical network installation

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